“…Raw arrangements and poetic lyricism cleverly used to describe that nostalgic feeling we all had in the past couple of years"

Classically trained and passionate about music from a young age, Freddie was a chorister throughout school and at 18 became a cantor scholar at Westminster Cathedral. He trained in French, German and Italian opera at Morley Opera School, and then went on to university to study classical composition and vocal performance. However, a year in, he felt his heart was elsewhere and that he could find more self-expression in contemporary music. He quit his course and joined The Academy of Contemporary Music. He studied vocal performance but was thrown into a surprise songwriting module and was quickly singled out as a talented writer. He was asked to take part in a session with ex Radio 1 Chief-Exec Alex Donelly, who helped break out the likes of Coldplay and Amy Winehouse. After listening to Freddie’s first song, ‘Invite Only’, Donelly’s advice - to keep writing, keep playing and to get out and gig - was so emphatic that he scraped together the cash to get himself a second-hand gigging piano and began dragging his mates round every live bar and music venue in London, playing to anyone that would listen.

To this day Freddie has never played a cover to a live audience, his music is original and heartfelt and he finds great joy in connecting with his listeners. He is a soulful and impactful live artist, with a style that ranges from haunting and visceral intimate moments to invigorating pop-rock ballads and who’s dynamic performances leave audiences enraptured.

Having performed in cathedrals around the world, Freddie has a love for diverse and interesting sounding acoustic spaces. This led him to record his first EP at AIR Studios, built by Sir George Martin in an empty church in Hampstead. He recorded with a full backing band and created some punchy tracks, produced with a friend. You can listen to these on the links above and on all streaming platforms.

“…Honest storytelling and great vocals"

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